Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend in Zion

Well this last weekend I went with Teresa and Dave to Zions National Park and yes I hiked... ok you can pick up your jaws, stand up from the floor, and reread what I just wrote!! :) ha ha ha it was SOOOO much fun! I did 4 different hikes down there (ok well 3 1/2 Angels Landing almost killed me) but it was so enjoyable!! If I can remember how to post pics on here I will post some of us down there. We left on Thursday evening and camped for 3 nights leaving Sunday at 7:48am, why? Because I was in charge of the Linger Longer that afternoon at church. The Linger Longer went off without a visit from the SLC Fire Department this time so I am checking it off as a success! ha ha ha ha

While in Zions the first night we almost froze to death, if it was not for Teresa snuggling with me I fear we would have! :) Friday morning we got up, had breakfast and filled our Camelbaks and started to head out. I (being myself) did not twist the top on correctly which cause the water to spill ALL OVER my back... Dave fixed this for me and I started to dry off till I put it on again. The top was tightened but the bottom of the bag was not secured, which meant that all day the bag leaked water all over my lower back and bottom. Dave carried the pack for me on our first 'hike' (more of a nature walk) but on the second hike that day I took the pack and by the end of the day I was soaked. ha ha ha Dave figured out what was wrong the next day and fixed it for me. Saturday we started with Angels Landing and I got half way through that and then I went off in my own and did some hikes by myself. (without the rest of my group that is, I was with other people) But it was so nice to have these beautiful sites to enjoy and just have my own time to contemplate life and everything happening. It was so much fun! Each night Dave and Teresa lead us in making some amazing meals. Then we would sit around the fire and try and be fun and talk but we all fell asleep! Ha ha ha ha we are getting old!! :) There is nothing better than having great friends and family to spend time with. :)

The hunt for a job is still on... gotta love these times!! But I will say this, prayers are heard and blessing received for doing what you are asked to do. I am a living witness of this! These have been some rough times but at the same time I have strengthened my testimony in so many ways. The church is true, I love you, and we are each a child of God.... :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well it has been about a year since I have written on here! Wow it is amazing how time goes by! So much has happened, Ty is on his mission, Amy has left for hers, I am back in school full swing and looking for a good job! Nothing has changed in the romance department (shocker I know) I am still single and enjoying that! I recently was placed called as the Co-Chair for the Linger Longer Committee.... nothing like feeding the ward once a month.

Last week we had an interesting experience feeding the ward. I decided to do a breakfast for everyone, French Toast, Bacon, Fruit.... With all my time watching the Food Network I learned that baking bacon instead of frying it in a pan is better for you and tastes better. I decided that was the way I would go! I put the bacon in the oven and we started the rest of the meal. As time passed grease dripped in the oven and smoke was everywhere! The fire alarm went off, the institute was evacuated, and the fire department showed up. It was an exciting day that is for sure!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Grandma Morgan told me I needed to put something exciting on here so here goes: :)

This weekend was a great one! The family went to Idaho and spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw. We were able to talk with all the all the adults and have a great time catching up.
We then drove up to Nampa for Mitch's reception and it was fantastic to spend time with both sides of my families. We weathered a wind storm, calmed the breeze, enjoyed the party, danced in the rain and laughed all night. What else can you ask for? :) Sunday we had our Morgan reunion which was great (as usual)... we ate and enjoyed eachothers company, took pictures, and gave Grandma and Grandpa the book that Esther worked so hard on. (thanks again for that Esther, it looks SOOOOOOO GOOD!!) That was a great moment watching Grandma and Grandpa enjoy the book. I am SO lucky to have such wonderful Grandparents... I Love You All!!! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a weekend!

Well this last weekend was exciting. We had Tylers farewell, Fathers Day, and a BBQ at my house... ha ha ha mix that with NO sleep and you will have it just about right! :) It is SOOOO amazing to see Tyler preparing for his mission. He will be a FANTASTIC missionary! I am SO proud of him and all that he has accomplished. Way to be you Ty! :) It was exciting to have all the family at my parents house this weekend as well. You are all a great support to our family and we thank you for that! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is my first blog on my page, I am very excited and don't really know what to say. :) I am currently working full time in SLC and going to school full time. We (Teresa, Cindy and I) just moved into a new condo and it is very exciting to have somewhere new to reside.